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spot treatment/ facial mask

Rasul Clay

(3.0 oz clay)

For acne breakouts, oily, congested skin, and to heal damaged skin


Ingrown Hairs

Pore reduction

Skin elasticity, texture and clarity

Bug bites

Discomfort due to psoriasis and eczema

100% organic

No additives


Nutrient Packed

For all skin types

botanical ingredients

  • 100% organic rasul clay & water (Proprietarily heat-treated for up to 15x stronger absorption)

  • Micronized for super-fine particles (deeper pore penetration) Only 1 mm thick facial mask

  • Ultra-high ionic charge (Static charge adheres clay to skin impurities like a magnet)

  • High levels of zinc & other minerals (Helps heal and reduce oil production)

  • No added chemicals or other ingredients (Clay particles attach to skin impurities )

  • Up to 90% less sand and impurities than common clays (3 oz tube = 30 Facial masks)

Made in Sweden


moisture matte

Aloe Vera-Nutrient-Infused 100% Organic & Greenhouse Grown

(85 ml)

Heal | Hydrate | Soothe


non-greasy moisturizer with aloe base

- heal damaged skin

- decrease redness

- minimize swelling

botanical ingredients

  • Aloe Vera-Nutrient-Infused 100% Organic & Greenhouse Grown

  • Elder Tree

  • Ivy

  • Arnica Montana

  • Cucumber Extract

  • Mallow

Made in Sweden

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